Recent News

Discord redesign 23. July 2018.
NEW Teams 23. July 2018.
Vip Adria next 23. July 2018.
2 new instagram accounts 23. July 2018.
PUBG Team Announcement 23. July 2018.
LoL roster 23. July 2018.
LoL 1v1 Tournament 23. July 2018.
CSGO TEAM 23. July 2018.
PUBG MOBILE 23. July 2018.
Ace Chaos

Who we are

Ace Chaos is an esports organization fielding professional esports Teams in League of Legends, CS:GO, Fortnite, PUBG and more. We value honesty, professionalism and integrity and look to combine our expertise with our passion for esports to create a stable, profitable and successful organisation. We focus on building a community of dedicated, hard working, and sociable players within the esports community. Founded in 2018, we have always strived to deliver excellence in every field we compete in.